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Spring Valley Ranch Mare & Stallion Station

- Management for All Breeds -

Our expertise: Together, Mark and Tania Dunlap, the owners of Spring Valley Ranch, have over sixty years of post graduate technical and practical experience in equine reproduction.

Our facilities: Nine separate barns: a thirty stall show barn with indoor arena; two shed row barns with individual paddocks; an eight stall veterinary barn with reproduction lab. and foaling stalls with video cameras; a fourteen stall training barn; mare motel; isolation barn; fully enclosed overhead walker and covered round ring. In addition to the barns are ten acres of rotated, managed, permanent pasture and plenty of turnouts.

We can focus on your broodmare and maintain her in the breeding barn or the show barn. We have the expertise to manage your mare for transported cooled or frozen semen. Whether your mare has a history of infertility or has a great reproductive record we’ll maintain good communication with you as the mare owner and the farm providing semen. No mysteries, we answer all of your questions.

We accept mares of all breeds and are happy to manage semen from Arabians, Saddlebreds, the Warmblood breeds and Thoroughbreds, the Gaited breeds, Draft horses, Quarter Horses, Paints, Appaloosas, Miniature Horses and even Mammoth Jacks.